The free lunch is over. Conventional computing hardware/software platforms are not able to cope with the requirements of present and future challenges. Quantum Dynamic will optimize present technologies for high performance computing (like multicores, GPUs and FPGA) and will push advanced fringe ideas like quantum computing.
There is plenty of room at the bottom. Bigger applications need smaller components. Below a critical dimension, the quantum effects become dominants. Hard determinism is lost and a different approach emerges. In 1959 Richard Feynman proposes - in a visionary paper - the possibility to build nano scale devices. In 1985, he show the theory and the basic building blocks of a quantum computer. Quantum Dynamic will realise in practice Dick's ideas and make them available to the people that need it.

FRINGE: an outer edge; margin; periphery; something regarded as peripheral, marginal, secondary, or extreme in relation to something else. In a world where uncertainty, doubt and indetermination are the dominant factors, unconventional solutions are the way: the unthinkable becomes possible, the unfair becomes standard and the impossible, inevitable.
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