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Legacy technologies

Multicore CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs will be present and still evolving for the next ten years. The very same consideration is true for the relative software platforms.
Moreover, when quantum computers will become available, their numerical results should be checked against reference cases produced from analytical solutions and experimentally verified previous simulation using "classical" computers.

Quantum Dynamic has accumulated a field proven experience in the domain of Open Source engines for simulation and real time control of ODE (ordinary differential equations) and IDA (implicit differential equations) systems using Open Source tools like Scicos, Modelica and hard real time Linux.

For PDE systems we are evaluating Open Source tools like OpenFoam and derivatives using also GPUs and FPGAs accelerators. In this context, model based real time control is beyond the actual state of art, therefore we are working on automatic code generation of reduced order models capable (with reduced precision) to reproduce the key dynamic of complex PDE systems.

FRINGE: an outer edge; margin; periphery; something regarded as peripheral, marginal, secondary, or extreme in relation to something else. In a world where uncertainty, doubt and indetermination are the dominant factors, unconventional solutions are the way: the unthinkable becomes possible, the unfair becomes standard and the impossible, inevitable.
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