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In Quantum Dynamic we believe in the free exchange of ideas.

We give priority to Open Source and Free Software not only in order to simplify the licensing mechanisms but also to give fine control on the source code.

Most of our development is fringe science, ideas that need to be proven. Accurate testing can be done only if all the details of the experiment are available.

Bug fixing, no matter if hardware of software components, can be faster and better if the numbers of eyes (and brain) observing the problem increase.

In this initial stage, the collaboration is a four stages process:
  1. Read the web pages and the available documentation. If you found the topic interesting ....
  2. .... send an email to "info" (for general questions) or "Walter" (for technical topics). Please see the "Contacts and About Us pages for more details.
  3. We will answer to you - usually - within 48h.
  4. If you will like our answer, we will "keep inside the infinite the loop" as long you want.

FRINGE: an outer edge; margin; periphery; something regarded as peripheral, marginal, secondary, or extreme in relation to something else. In a world where uncertainty, doubt and indetermination are the dominant factors, unconventional solutions are the way: the unthinkable becomes possible, the unfair becomes standard and the impossible, inevitable.
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