If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us. We would like to hear from you. 

For the moment we have to email addresses:
  • info at quantum minus dynamic dot eu : for general questions.
  • walter at quantum minus dynamic dot eu : for technical questions.

Usually, we answer within 48h.

Where we are

Quantum Dynamic headquarters and laboratories are relocating from <omissis> to <omissis>. He hope to finish this relocation in June 2016. During this time interval you can contact us using email.

FRINGE: an outer edge; margin; periphery; something regarded as peripheral, marginal, secondary, or extreme in relation to something else. In a world where uncertainty, doubt and indetermination are the dominant factors, unconventional solutions are the way: the unthinkable becomes possible, the unfair becomes standard and the impossible, inevitable.
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